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Group Music Course
SONATA MUSIC philosophy encourages group lessons and ensembles to be a fundamental aspect of the musical education experience. The benefits of group lessons include: providing an enjoyable, stimulating and socially interactive environment, exposure to diverse musical sounds and combinations, a significant reduction of fear and inhibition for students performing in public, students report a higher 'enjoyment' level than for private lessons.
SONATA MUSIC recommends that all beginner students take group lessons or ensemble classes to enrich their early music learning experience. As they begin to understand the basic musical principles, they are then encouraged to branch or 'stream' into other areas of musical interest and/or proficiency.

Children Music Course45 minutes For Age 31/2 - 5
Piano Beginner Join Course30 minutes Age 5 or above
Music Theory Course30 minutes Rudiment, Harmony, History
Private Music Course
As students build an appreciation and enjoyment of music, private lessons are an excellent way to train for technical proficiency and performance. The ideal music education experience combines a mixture of both private and ensemble formats to exploit the strengths of each format. Although private lessons allow students some exposure to the principles and techniques that cultivate a love for playing and composing music, the focus and strength of one-on-one interaction is the cultivation of technique and the lesson intensity geared towards the capacity of the individual. This is particularly important to students who intend to pursue a career in music performance of pedagogy. However, there is no substitute for an experience that combines both formats, and the SONATA MUSIC offers several programs to accomplish this experience.

PianoAll levels from beginner to grade 10, flexable time
ViolinAll levels, flexable time
GuitarAll levels, flexable time
CelloAll levels, flexable time
FluteAll levels, flexable time
KeyboardAll levels, flexable time
A.R.C.T.Help students to prepare all levles of Royal Conservatory of Music examinations
School Studio
SONATA MUSIC also offers students to rent our studios for extra practice.
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